This blog now running MVC3 and RavenDB !

From today, this blog will be running a home-grown blogging system built on MVC3, Razor and RavenDB.

It had been running Sitecore Express until now, but i decided to ditch it. A Sitecore installation is simply too much of a hassle for a simple site like this. Also, the rich text editor in Sitecore was not really fit for posting code snippets. I will be refining this new blogging solution over the next few weeks, and hopefully it will give me a renewed interest in actually posting content on this blog :-)

I built this blogging system myself (no CMS or other framework base) to learn more about MVC3 and RavenDB. Conlusion: MVC3 is nice, Razor view syntax is extremely cool.

RavenDB is also easy to get started with and to learn. It is what I would call a no-frills NoSQL document database. So if one has data storage needs that fit into the NoSQL camp, and is building on .NET, i think the choice is a no-brainer. You do have to be aware that it is still a young product, which is changing rapidly.