Got a blog

So, I decided today that I needed a blog. So here it is, me blogging about programming in general, .NET and my everyday experiences. 

Why does the world need another blog; you might ask ? Well, it is an experiment for now. I will try to provide some interesting content - and at the same time it will be a place for me to document various findings and thoughts. Anyways, it is much better than the old "Web 0.1" static content website that I used to have on this domain ;-)

I encourage everyone to use the comments for questions and/or suggestions. 

Don't know who I am ? 

Well, you don't really need to, in order to read my posts. My name is Dennis Riis and I am a danish software developer / architect, currently working with web technologies. If you want to read more about me, you can always head over to the About me page.